Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Harvest Community Concert Featuring Tanya Satteson, violin, and Michelle Bitler, piano

Fall Harvest
Community Concert
  • Where? Wexford Community Presbyterian Church,16045 Perry Hwy, 15090
  • When?  Saturday, November 20th, 4pm
  • What?   Enjoy the bountiful Fall harvest of CYM’s students and faculty.   Student performers will share works by Bach, Rameau, Eccles, and more.
  • Who?  Violin faculty member Tanya Satteson and piano faculty member Michelle Bitler will perform Beethoven’s infamous Violin Sonata No. 9, Opus 47,“Kreutzer” Sonata and Wieniawski’s Scherzo and Tarantella, Opus 16.
Friends, family and children of all ages are invited to join them for an enriching
afternoon of music, encouragement, and celebration!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Where is Everyone? CYM Wexford Location Clarification

 Hello CYM Families!

We have noticed something that may have been a bit confusing to you, and would like to remedy it. Our main facility location in Wexford may be a bit elusive to those not familiar to the area, due to the Center for Young Musicians sign posted on the Pine Lakes Plaza marquis:
CYM utilizes a space in the Pine Lakes Plaza for storage purposes- this is NOT the lesson and main office facility where all of the Wexford lessons, classes, and business transactions take place.

Here are instructions from the Pine Lakes Plaza parking lot (where our storage facility is) to our Main Wexford facility:

To access our Main Wexford Facility, pull through the length of the Pine Lakes Plaza parking lot going North (toward Wild Birds Unlimited) at the end of the lot, turn right onto Lake Drive. Our building is the first building on the left, behind the Suzuki dealership. Pull in the lower entrance, and park in the back lot. Enter through the door at the back of the building.

For help finding us, please call 724-935-0505. We hope this is helpful to you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Violin Department Group at PSO Fiddlesticks Concert October 30th

Attention all violin students:

In lieu of October 30th Violin Group, please come down to support your fellow CYM Violinists as they perform in both the pre-concert activities as well as perform the "Bach Double" at the Pittsburgh Symphony's Fiddlesticks concert.

For tickets and information, see our prior blog posts:

Suzuki Review Lists for the Ensemble Recital

Violin Ensemble Review List

Book 1:
Twinkle Variations and Theme
Lightly Row
Song of the Wind
O Come Little Children
Long, Long Ago
Perpetual Motion
Minuet 3
The Happy Farmer

Book 2:
Witches’ Dance

Book 3:

Book 4:
Concerto no. 2 in G Major, 3rd movement by F Seitz
Concerto for 2 Violins by JS Bach

Cello Ensemble Review List

Book 1:
Twinkle Variation A and Theme
French Folk Song
Song of the Wind
Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Book 3:
Minuet in G

Book 4:
Sonata in E minor by Marcello- Adagio and Allegro

Guitar Ensemble Review List


Corrente - Paganini
Norwegian Tanz
Rigadoon – Purcell
Perpetual Motion - Suzuki
The Twinkle Blues

Ensemble Recital Make Ups

Attention Families with Saturday Afternoon Lessons:

The CYM Ensemble Concert is being held on November 6th at 3:00 p.m.. Lessons occurring after 2:00 p.m. will be canceled and rescheduled so that all CYM students may attend the concert that afternoon. Please contact us at 724-935-0505 or to schedule a make up lesson. 

Thank you!

 Recital Make-Ups

Students can schedule a make-up for any missed classes as a result of the Solo or
Ensemble recitals.  The make-up will not be deducted from the student’s allotment of     
available make-ups as it is considered a “CYM Make-up”.
Classes will be canceled for the entire day for the Solo Concert and between 2:00 and 4:00 for the Ensemble Concert.
 Please see the school calendar or check the CYM blog at for upcoming recital dates and times.

This was taken from the CYM Parent Guide, provided to your family at the beginning of the year. You can refer to it under the Parent's Page under the Resources tab on our website at
Remember that access to the page is password protected- for assistance, call CYM at 724-935-0505.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CYM Performers at Children's Museum Donor Reception

 Members of the CYM Cello Department perform, led by Ms. Rowena Gutana: Julia Solomon, Hannah Synnott, and Karsten Lagerquist.
Violinists Anthony Cicco, Elsa Lagerquist, Madeline Marco Scanlon, and Alexandra Schnatterly.
David Weale looks extra sharp representing CYM's Guitar Department.
Violinists Anthony Cicco, Haley Raphael, and Meredith Hudock wait patiently to perform.
 CYM Violinists Elsa Lagerquist and Alexandra Schnatterly.

 CYM Performers Delight at Children's Museum Donor Reception

Students from CYM enjoyed performing for a special donor's reception at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh last Thursday, October 7, in the evening. CYM performers were specially invited to come and perform as requested by organizers based on all of our successful performances at the Children's Museum over the past year. CYM student musicians performed a beautiful repertoire, including the violin "Bach Double" to be presented at the PSO's Fiddlesticks concert at the end of the month. The groups were led by Ms. Rowena Gutana and Ms. Leah Givelber.

Congratulations to all who participated!

"Hard Work Pays Off" Congratulations to Meredith Hudock, Third Place Winner in the US National Scottish Fiddle Championship!

Below is a wonderful recount of Meredith Hudock's personal experience at the US National Scottish Fiddle Competition, where she took thrid place! Congratulations to you, Meredith, and thank you for sharing your unique perspective on the experience!

Hard Work Pays Off

By Meredith Hudock

"On October 2, 2010, my parents and I attended the Williamsburg Scottish Festival in Virginia. The festival was outside on a warm sunny day, and we were in the “Fiddling Gazebo”. I was there to compete in the US National Scottish Fiddle Championship. Fiddlers from all over the country were there, and most of them were there because they won first place in a regional competition. I got to compete because, even though I finished second in regional’s, the judge announced that I was eligible for nationals.

In Scottish fiddling competitions, there are two divisions: Junior and Open. Junior is for people who are 18 or under, and Open is for people over 18 or those who have won the Junior division three times. The tradition in Scottish fiddling is important: competitors wear a traditional Scottish kilt and have to play in the traditional Scottish style, not variations like Cape Breton, etc. In a Scottish competition you play four pieces. The first piece is a slow tune/air. The judges give points on your musical interpretation of the piece and how well emotionally you perform it; an air is supposed to show lots of feeling. Then you take a pause at the end of the piece to let the judges write down notes and scores. When you get a nod from the judges, you then play a set consisting of a march, a strathspey, and a reel (called an MSR). These are played with no break in between. The march is a tune that an army can walk in time to while they are walking many miles each day, so you have to keep a steady beat. Then you transition into the dance tune, a strathspey. In this tune, you need to keep a steady beat and make it dance-able. The last tune is the reel. This is the show-off piece for the fiddler and fastest piece in the set, so giving it groove will score you big points.

On the day of the competition, there were three judges, all master Scottish fiddlers. I know all three of them which added stress and nerves. To make things even more stressful, the world famous, three-time National Scottish Fiddle Champion, Bonnie Rideout was in the audience. In the junior division there were six fiddlers, and I was the fourth one to perform. I never get nervous on stage, but when I put my bow on the string and started my first long bow, I was shaking uncontrollably! It felt like everybody could hear my bow bouncing and my vibrato tensing, but I kept going. Halfway through the piece I started to calm down and concentrate more on the flow of the music. Ending the last note I was rewarded with loud applause by the audience, and I nodded my head in thanks. When the clapping died, I checked my tuning again while the judges wrote down their notes. They gave me a nod to proceed, and I prepared for the MSR. I was calmer by the time I started my march but still kept focused. Unfortunately, I stumbled a bit in the strathspey and in the reel, but they weren’t big mistakes, so it didn’t phase me. After the end of my reel the audience once again congratulated me with claps and cheers. After we all performed my mom and dad both said they couldn’t hear my bow shake, and the stumbles were only heard by them because they knew the pieces so well. That news gave me some hope.

While the judges were conferring about the results, all the fiddlers congratulated each other on their performances. Several people congratulated me on my air saying it was their favorite of the day. I knew I had done a pretty solid performance, but also had by far the least experience of any in the group in this style. John Turner (head judge and ten-time national champion) came up to the stage and started out with a small speech about how well we all did today and that everybody is a winner. I stood over by the other fiddlers waiting for the results thinking that I would be there to cheer on everybody who placed. They awarded the individual prizes for the best air, march, strathspey, or reel. Next would be for the top three finishers. When John Turner announced that the third place goes to Meredith Hudock, I was in shock, but managed to walk up to claim my prize. I walked off and returned to my spot with a huge smile on my face. My dad came around to meet me and gave me a huge hug. It felt like I had won first prize and not third! My two other friends placed second and first which I was really proud of.

I worked very hard on this goal, put my heart into it, and was rewarded with great results. Even though I have only done Scottish fiddle for just over a year, I was able to succeed because of the solid skills learned over many years at CYM. This experience has shown me again that hard work can really pay off!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CYM Violinists Take the Stage with the Pittsburgh Symphony- Get Your Tickets Here!

Join CYM Violinists as they perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra!

CYM is proud to support our young violinists- Meredith Hudock, Madeline Marco Scanlon, Elsa Lagerquist, Haley Raphael, and Anthony Cicco as they perform the "Bach Double" on stage with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as a part of the 2010-2011 Fiddlesticks Family Concert Series concert on Saturday, October 30th at 11:15 a.m.. Pre-concert activities begin at 10:00.

Call for reduced price tickets courtesy of CYM!

Call Erin Lynn in Ticket Office at 412-392-3324
Tickets are $12 or $15 depending on seat location

Artists: Lawrence Loh, conductor, Katy Shackleton Williams, vocalist

About This Performance:

Melody, rhythm and harmony make music. Like an architect designs a building, composers create music with these essential building blocks. Watch a musical skyscraper take shape with Edvard Grieg’s Morning Mood, Strauss’ Radetzky March and music from Stravinsky’s The Firebird.
Discovery Time Adventures!

Beginning at 10:00am before the concert, children may meet PSO musicians, learn about stories and dances in the music you're about to hear.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Road Work Ahead for Wexford Flats, Route 19

Please keep in mind this new construction project when planning your way to CYM Wexford. According to the below article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, "actual construction is expected to begin in 2011, starting with the southern portions of the flats. PennDOT will work on the northern section in 2012."

Read more here:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mark Your Calendar- Holiday Concert Season is Just Around the Corner!

Mark your calendar and be sure to invite your family and friends to all of our exciting concerts this year:

Fall Cornucopia Community Concert Saturday, November 20th 4:00 p.m.
Featuring Tanya Satteson, violin, Michelle Bitler, piano
An afternoon of performances featuring both students and CYM’s accomplished faculty
members. Held at the Wexford Community Presbyterian Church.

Sewickley Light-Up Night Friday, December 3rd
Join us for an evening of holiday fun as we ring in the season at Sewickley’s annual Light Up Night. CYM Students will be featured in Sewickley Library performing festive tunes and more. Bring the whole family to this exciting event!

PPG Wintergarden Saturday, December 4th 3:00 p.m.
CYM students perform in the Wintergarden at the iconic PPG Building in downtown Pittsburgh. Boasting an enormous decorated tree, ice rink, gingerbread house and train display, and “Spirits of Giving Around the World” display, there are plenty of holiday sights and sounds to enjoy!

Holiday Music at Phipp’ s Conservatory Sunday, December 19th 3:00 p.m.
CYM performers will be performing among Phipp’s annual Winter Flower Show botanical
display as part of their enchanting Candlelight Evenings the month of December. Take in the
breathtaking scenery while experiencing CYM’s strings in this intimate setting.

***Keep updated on every CYM event with our Take Note Blog Calendar feature- just click on each event to see details, the faculty member in charge, and directions to get you there!