Monday, January 21, 2013

CYM Pianists on Saturday's SLB Radio Broadcast

CYM's handsome group- Hannah, Sarah, Isaac, Hafsah, Tony, and Andrew.
Isaac responds to Larry Berger's question.

Hafsah is ready to roll!

Tony focuses in.

Andrew is up to bat.
Sarah and Hannah perform as a duo.

Parents peek in on the question and answer session.
Pianists took to the booth with host Larry Berger on Saturday morning as a part of Saturday Light Brigade Radio's broadcast. Performances from Ms. Sonia's piano students featured solos and a cello and piano duet! You can listen to the full session here on SLB, and check out all of CYM's sessions online on SLB Radio here.

As a bonus, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary) recorded on the SLB immediately following CYM's broadcast. Neato!

Thank you to Ms. Sonia for her excellent photos!

Friday, January 18, 2013

CYM is on Pinterest

Yep, you heard correctly... you can find CYM on Pinterest!

If you aren't familiar with "pinning" or finding something particularly "Pinteresting", you may want to check out what Pinterest is all about here.  

Follow our pins at!

CYM Workshop Series 2013

Join Mr. Danny as he leads these great workshops Saturdays in February at our studio in CYM Sewickley. Workshops are for any thoughtful participant, best enjoyed by those 15 and older. Bring you, your instrument- guitar, piano, cello, and ciolin welcome- and an open mind. Be ready to immerse yourself in your blues heritage, strum the immortal sounds of the Beatles, and kick the mud of your boots in Music City, USA.

$75 to register- Limited space is available, call us at 724-935-0505 to sign up!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Britta Lagerquist Graduates Suzuki Violin Book Four

Britta Lagerquist
Congratulations are in order for Brita Lagerquist, who marked a fantastic milestone this Tuesday as she graduated Suzuki Violin Book Four! Britta celebrated the occasion with an evening concert for friends, family, and fellow students. Accompanied by her sister, pianist Karolina Lagerquist  (CYM graduate, class of 2012) Britta performed pieces by Seitz, Brahms, and Bach. Britta was also joined by her teacher Ms. Tanya Satteson, on violin.

Ms. Tanya and Britta perform as a duo

Great job, Britta!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CYM's Concert Passport Program

Be a Well-Traveled Musician...

...with CYM's Concert Passport Program!

For the musical adventurer in all of us, CYM wants to support your wanderlust for live music beginning in 2013. The inaugural leg of the Concert Passport journey- January-March 2013- invites CYM students to develop their experience as audience members and hone their listening skills as appreciators of the musical world! 

Take advantage of the wonderful live-performance opportunities are all around you! Students are encouraged to attend CYM (as well as non-CYM) musical performances and events alike to earn a musical treat, chances to win a semester-end prize, and recognition as our Most Well-Traveled Passport Participant at CYM's Solo Recital in May! Pick up an official CYM Concert Passport at the front desk in Wexford and Sewickley (CYM at WT folks, get your passport by contacting Ms. Simmi at

Here's how it works...

The Rules:

1. You must be a CYM Student to participate in the Concert Passport program.

2. To gain credit for your attendance, you must have your passport stamped or initialed by a teacher or CYM staff member at each concert or event you attend where you are not performing. Our goal for our musical travelers is to become excellent audience members and appreciators of the performances around them. 

3. Bring a friend (or friends!) to a CYM concert or event and earn one extra stamp!

4. Present your completed passport to your teacher before March 31, 2013 and receive:

  • 3 stamps earns a fun, music-related prize (this may include a musical or instrumental accessory or treat)
  • 4+ stamps earns the above prize, as well as the student’s name to be entered into a drawing for a larger prize (announced each semester). For each stamp earned past 4, your name will be included in the drawing– your odds of winning go up!  (Example: 7 stamps= prize + your name is included 3 times in the drawing!)

Approved events for the Passport Program:

  • CYM Concert or Event
  • Pittsburgh Symphony or other non-CYM professional performance

...may we suggest performances supported by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust or similar local arts initiative?

*any non-CYM concert you attend, please save your program and present it to your teacher at your next lesson to receive a stamp or initial  

CYM Strings at PSO's Fiddlesticks February 2nd

Fiddlesticks Family Concert- Celebrate Pittsburgh

Pre-performance concert by Center for Young Musicians Violinists

CYM Violins, led by Ms. Stella Bonilla, Ms. Leah Givelber, and Ms. Rochelle Agnew, are featured as part of the pre-concert festivities beginning at 9:00am on February 2nd. In homage to Pittsburgh's musical legacy, our violins performance will feature pieces by Henry Mancini and Stephen Foster!  

This morning's concert serves as the Violin Department Group- be sure to attend!  

Fiddlesticks Performers, please note:

CYM is having polo shirts made for this performance which will be used for future performances where a dressy but casual outfit is appropriate. You will receive an email this week from Ms. Rochelle with details on how to purchase your CYM polo shirt. Here's a sneak peek of what they will look like:

Celebrate Pittsburgh...

Pittsburgh is a city full of traditions. Join Katy Williams and the CLO Academy Tap Dancers as they commemorate one of Pittsburgh's most iconic dancers Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain." Joe Negri, frequent guest on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and one of Pittsburgh's most famous jazz musicians, performs in celebration of the "City of Steel." Your Pittsburgh pride will be in the spotlight for this special community concert!

Enhance your child's musical journey with DISCOVERY TIME ADVENTURES beginning at 10AM before every Fiddlesticks concert!  (Free to all ticket holders.)  During the pre-concert DISCOVERY TIME ADVENTURES, children may meet and listen to PSO musicians, play musical instruments, create a take-home craft and experience a variety of other musical and educational explorations unique to each concert.   

CYM Families are invited to take advantage of reduced ticket prices...

Please call Erin Lynn at the Pittsburgh Symphony to reserve your tickets at 412-392-3324

Back Into the Groove in 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!
We're feeling fantastic this New Year as we adventure into 2013. We hope you're getting into the groove, too! There are some great new things coming our way. Click on the links below for more information... (more of the links will become active as information finalizes- be sure to check back in the coming months!)

Fun Activities

  • CYM's new Concert Passport Program
  • The return of Time Wave program for adults in February
  • Facility Rental and Birthday Parties now available at CYM Sewickley
  • February Practice Challenge

Great Performances

New Ideas