Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sign Up to Perform at Sewickley Light Up Night

Annual Ensemble Recital is November 5th- What you Need to Know

Next Saturday at 3 pm is our first all school event of the season– the Fall Ensemble Recital at Marshall Middle School!  All CYM students, families and friends are invited to attend.  Most CYM instrumental students will be performing, so the recital should provide a lovely afternoon full of music. ECM families, this is a great opportunity for your Toddler or Twinkler student to hear and see all the different instruments in action- be sure to attend!

All performers need to arrive at Marshall Middle School by 2:30 pm in order to have their instruments tuned and to find their assigned seats before the concert time. The dress for all performers is black pants or skirts, white tops, or black dresses.  All skirts and dresses should be at the knee or below, and no sneakers or flip flops on stage please.   

Performers who are involved in the Star Spangled Banner performance that morning  for the Tae Kwon Do Tournament at the Pine Richland Youth Center should also wear black and white concert dress to both performances. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Candlelight Recital featuring Ms. Rowena Gutana and Nathan Carterette

Ms. Rowena and Nathan Carterette at CYM's June Community Concert
CYM's own Rowena Gutana, cello and Nathan Carterette, piano are preforming as part of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church All Saints Music Festival, held during the week of November 1-6.

Their Candlelight Recital will be held in the sanctuary of St. Andrew's Church on Friday, November 4th at 8:00pm. The concert is free and open to the public. The All-Bach program will include the Goldberg Variations and Unaccompanied Suite for Cello. Click through for more information on Nathan Carterette, and St. Andrew's Music.

Ms. Rowena wants to extend a welcome to all CYM students and families. Mark your calendar for this lovely evening of music.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Community Concert featuring Leah Givelber and Ingrid Beute... In Review!

Enjoy the fall harvest of CYM’s students and faculty on October 15 at 4 pm at the Wexford Community Presbyterian Church!

Student performers will share works by Bach, Vivaldi and more.

Leah Givelber, violin, and Ingrid Beute, piano, will play the Sonata in E Major, Opus 1 no. 15 by Handel, The Strenuous Life by Scott Joplin and Hoedown from Rodeo by Aaron Copland. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Saturday's Community Concert!  Pictures of the lovely afternoon below...

Grant McCargo Graduates Suzuki Book Three... in Review!

Congratulations are in order for Grant McCargo as he graduates from Suzuki Piano Book Three! His recital celebrating this achievement will take place at CYM Sewickley, October 17th at 5:05pm. 

All family, friends, and CYM families are invited to attend!

Grant performs for a room full of family and friends at CYM Sewickley.

Grant's little sister, Lucille, gives him a big congratulations hug!

Classical Parent Training Course- a Parent Response to Week Two

Classical Parent Training Course – a Parent Response to Week Two

A CYM parent submitted this very thoughtful response to the week two parent training question:

Consider the patience and perseverance needed to meet Dr. Suzuki’s ideal home environment.  What are your thoughts?

                I feel very drawn to Dr. Suzuki’s description of the home environment he envisions to promote talent education.  It feels entirely right on.  It focuses our priorities on helping to form children’s character and give them a profound and beautiful vision of life and sees music as intimately connected to that process.  Regarding musical education, he offers very practical analogies (e.g. acquisition of language) that very clearly show how musical immersion in childhood, combined with ongoing practice leads to music becoming a part of a child and not just something he or she “can do.” 
                I think the biggest challenge is to face the truth that when Dr. Suzuki talks about the importance of exposing children to great, noble people there is also the implication that we as parents have the potential to be either great or not-so-great influences, but we will be an influence either way due to how much we are a part of our children’s early environment and ongoing environment, too.  His writing inspires me to see how I can develop myself and our home to be that noble environment and assist my children in persevering in their formation toward a beautiful, truth-filled life. 
Encouraging daily, consistent practice, with patience, is helping my child to develop inner motivation and to be drawn toward the study of music for its own sake.     

Congratulations to Melanie Drake as the first responder to our first Classical Parent Training Course question! Melanie won her choice of CDs from our CD collection!  See her winning response here!

Be sure to respond in our comments section to the week three Classical Parent Training Course question:

What are your thoughts on creating the ideal home environment?