Monday, March 14, 2011

Violin Duo at the Children's Museum

Lovely ladies Alexandra Schnatterly and Julia Freeman perform for the guests of the Pittsburgh Children's Museum this past Saturday morning as a part of Studio Music featuring the Center for Young Musicians. Great job, girls!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Congratulations, February Practice Challenge Winners

Great job to all of our February Practice Challenge winners:

Anna Genter
Isabelle Genter
Carson Jacob
Raka Sarkar
Oleg Hartman
Abigail Hartman
Ava Heinricher
Benardo Vieira
Josephine Reiter
Nicholas Vieira
Anna Straka
Isabel Straka
Nicholas Straka
Isabel Graham
Reka Gotz
Gabriel Gotz
Isaac McKinley
Natalie Williams
Grant McCargo
Fife McCargo
Lucille McCargo
Anthony McCann
Hafsah Shahzad
Mary Grace Gordon
Abby Ondos
Alex Ondos
Kazumasa Tobita
Bob Carey
Ben Thomas
Elliott Drake
Colin Helbling
Annie Comerci

Keep up the good work!

First Annual Hullabaloo is a Big Hit!

Claire and Abigail Hartman kick off the concert with a fun hoedown!
Meredith Hudock and Haley Raphael surprise the audience with a dance segment while fiddling!
Brother Oleg Hartman joins his mother and sister on piano.
Ben gives the signal to start as Kim, Chris, and Matthew Capozzi accompany him with kitchen instruments!
American Legends guitarists Bruce David, Jack Semke and Meghan Pohl showcased two folk tunes.
Josephine and Burkhardt Reiter have a squeaky "mousie" soloing in their duet.
Melanie and Julian Drake team up on guitar and lap guitar.
The Villwock trio performs a folk song.
The Ward family collaborate on guiro, violin, and piano.


Congratulations to to all of the families who performed at our first annual Hullabaloo this past Saturday afternoon! The rainy afternoon didn't dampen the spirits of our bunch- we were treated to a variety of creative performances from the culinary collaboration with the Capozzi family to Meredith Hudock and Haley Raphael's fiddling frolic!

Excellent job, everyone- we can't wait for Hullabaloo number two!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are you the parent of a Twinkler? Here is what you need to know!

As Spring draws near, we look forward to this exciting time of year as our Twinkler students choose their path of music study upon the culmination of the Twinklers program and graduation from Early Childhood Music Program. Twinkler families decide to join either the Classical Program or the American Legends Program to guide them through their musical education at CYM beginning in the Fall of 2011. 

Twinkler parents, so that you may make the most informed decision for your child and your family, below is a "Twinkler Transition" guide to our program offerings.

The Two Paths of CYM Curriculum:  Classical and American Legends
Where do I begin?
  • All Twinkler parents are asked to observe lessons with their children in either the program of their choice or both programs, to make the most informed decision for your child.
  • All parents must attend one of our Parent Meetings, either in Wexford on April 26, 7 pm or in Sewickley on May 4, 6:30 pm. Please RSVP for either meeting by April 20.      
  • All parents should read Nurtured by Love, by Dr Shinichi Suzuki, available at both CYM locations. 
What are the differences and similarities between programs? 

Classical Program 
  • Two classes per week – Group Class and Technique Lesson
  • If your family has already decided on an instrument for your child and your child has had three terms of Twinklers, then you are ready for the Classical    Program. 
  • The Classical Program is a parent-driven approach to developing instrumental skills founded upon the principles of the Suzuki Method. The seven components of the Suzuki method are:
1. An early start
2. Creating an “artist environment” through listening and imitation
3. Common repertoire
4. One group lesson and one private technique class per week
5. A working relationship between parent, teacher, and child
6. Using the “ear before eye” approach
7. Use of older repertoire to build technique   
  • Parents participate fully in their child’s education by attending each technique lesson and by learning to play the instrument along with their child.
What do I need to do now to join the Classical Program?
  1. Confirm that your child will have taken a minimum of three terms of Twinklers by the end of 2009-2010 school year.
  2. Schedule with an administrator two observations of Classical Technique Lessons and two Level 1 or Level 2 Group classes.
  3. Attend a parent meeting at Wexford on April 26, 7 pm or at Sewickley on May 4, 6:30 pm. RSVP for either meeting by April 20 by calling 724-935-0505.
American Legends Program
  • One or two classes per week – Group Class and optional Technique Lesson
  • If you have not yet chosen an instrument for your child or you have not taken three terms of Twinklers, then the American Legends Program is for  you.
  • This program is designed for families who want a more child-driven approach to their music education as opposed to the Classical Program’s emphasis on parent leadership and role-modeling.  The Legends Group Class curriculum develops music appreciation and music literacy skills. 
  • In the first two years of Legends study students sing folk songs, learn about melody and harmony, and how to accompany themselves first on the glockenspiel then on the keyboard and guitar.  The American Legends Program culminates in the Connections class where music from musicals, movies, pop music, rock and jazz are studied. In the optional Technique Lesson, a student may choose from a wide range of literature under the guidance of their teacher. Legends students are welcome to incorporate the Suzuki literature and philosophy.  
What do I need to do now to join the American Legends Program?
  1. Schedule with an administrator two observations of Level 1 or Level 2 American Legends Group classes
  2.  Attend a parent meeting at Wexford on April 26, 7 pm or at Sewickley on May 4, 6:30 pm.  RSVP for either meeting by April 20.   

If you have further questions about CYM's programs, please do not hesitate to ask your Twinkler teacher, by calling 724-935-0505 or sending an email to