Saturday, November 16, 2013

Emma Lammert Graduates Suzuki Violin Book One

Emma performs at the Fall Ensemble Recital
Congratulations, Emma! 
Emma will be holding her Graduation Recital from Suzuki Paino Book One on Wednesday, Nov. 20th during violin group class at CYM Sewickley. 
Graduating Suzuki students hold recitals to mark milestones along the way as they progress through their instrument study. Their recitals are open to family and friends of the students and CYM families to come and recognize their efforts and artistry. We are so proud of you!

Thanksgiving Break Reminder- Nov. 26-30

Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want
CYM's Thanksgiving break is Tuesday Nov. 26- Saturday, Nov. 30th

Monday, Nov. 25th is reserved as a make up for Labor Day 
and classes and lessons will be held as usual.

Merry and Bright at CYM

Beginner's Bow- thoughts from CYM Founder Victoria Raja McGinnis

Victoria Raja McGinnis
Below is an excerpt from Ms. Victoria's introduction of our beginners who took their first on-stage bow at CYM's Ensemble recital on November 2nd.

Some of you have asked about the Beginner’s Bow, wondering why it is included in the program. Let’s take a moment to examine a few of the reasons.


The Beginner’s Bow is part of your musical training.

By getting up on stage today to present yourself (with your parent and teacher - your team), we want you to feel the excitement of receiving our full attention, and the nervousness too, and practice becoming focused while having these feelings. When you do this repeatedly, you will develop the confidence to share your musical skills in the future.


The entire CYM community wants to affirm you.

As you set your foot upon the stage, hear us say, “Yes, your team is willing do everything we can to help you bring out your best! We believe you can do this well!” You see, we want to be sure that you don’t miss how wonderful it is that you have chosen to learn to play an instrument as a means to challenge yourself and have fun!


During the Beginner’s Bow, we envision you meeting your full potential.

Though you may not have even received your own instrument yet, in our minds we hear you performing at a very high level and playing music that will help you bring people together and move them. We see you meeting your own goals, feeling great, and importantly, using music to serve others and make the world a better place.


We renew our commitment to support everyone in CYM’s family, remembering that each of us had a “starting line”, so to speak, as a musician.

Each student’s musical path has brought meaningful interpersonal connections to their lives and the beautiful performances that we hear in our concert today.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Community Concert with Mr. Ryan and Ms. Simmi

Join Mr. Ryan, cello and Ms. Simmi, piano on Saturday, November 16th at 4:00pm as they host CYM's first community concert of the season here in Sewickley!

Workshop and Activities Schedule- updated!


November 16: The Suzuki Philosophy and Method, 10 am, CYM Sewickley

November 17: The Magic Flute at the Opera, 1 pm, Benedum Center 

December 14: Music Therapy Workshop, 4 pm, CYM Sewickley

January 18: Practice Seminar

January 31: Fieldtrip- The PSO featuring pianist Helene Grimaud 

February 8: Fieldtrip- The PSO plays The Planets with NASA film

February 15: Performance Skills Workshop

March 15: Suzuki Play-In 

April 12: Fieldtrip- Don Quixote at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 

April 19: Beatles Workshop

May 10: Every Child Can Workshop

June 14: Fiddling and Folk Music Workshop

July 12: Musical Theatre Workshop

ü  All workshops and fieldtrips are subject to availability and change. 

ü  One workshop or fieldtrip is already covered by your child’s annual workshop and activity fee. Participation in each additional event is subject to standard fees. 

ü  CYM Families and their guests enjoy discounted ticket rates to the above fieldtrip events- be sure to take advantage during the year!

ü  R.S.V.P.s are required two weeks in advance of each event.

ü  Each event above is scheduled to be held in CYM Sewickley unless otherwise noted.

ü  Refer to the CYM Family Guide for additional information about our Workshop and Activity Program.