Monday, October 10, 2016

W+A Program presents- Beo: Backstage Workshop + Concert... in Review!

  • More about Beo String Quartet
  • WORKSHOP Saturday, November 5, 4:00pm at CYM Sewickley +
  • Pittsburgh Concert Society's Winners Recital Sunday, November 6, 2:00pm at CMU's Kresge Theatre
  • Additional tickets to PCS Concert for family members are available in pairs for $25
Beo String Quartet visits CYM to give participating students and their families a "backstage tour" of chamber music using works by Bartรณk, Beethoven, and Glass. Open to all instruments, ages 7-adult, workshop participants will learn about listening and playing together in a hands-on, interactive format.

CYM families are then invited the following day to hear Beo perform these works live on the Pittsburgh Concert Society winners' recital. 
Workshop– age minimum of 7 years old, PCS Concert Admission– all ages welcome

REGISTER using the 2016-2017 CYM Workshops and Activities Program Registration sheet, or email W+A Coordinator, Rochelle Agnew at
$55 for Workshop admission, $80 for Workshop + 2 adult concert tickets (student concert admission included)  *pairs of additional concert tickets are available for $25
Participants have the following options:
  1.  Use your workshop and activities credit to cover my #_____________ child’s(ren’s) admission to this workshop as well as tickets to PCS Concert. 
  2. Choose not to apply your child’s workshops + activity credit to this event and instead purchase $55 for Workshop admission, OR $80 for Workshop + 2 adult concert tickets (student concert admission included)
  3. Purchase #_______ additional tickets for family and friends attending PCS concert at $25.00 each pair.              Total additional tickets ________   =  $_________

How do we register for this event?

Registration for each of these Workshops + Activities events occurs throughout the year, and are coordinated by Rochelle Agnew. You can reach Ms. Rochelle with any needs or questions at
  1. Filling out the above details and emailing it directly to our W+A Coordinator, Miss Rochelle here.
  2. Fill out W+A registration forms available in the Wexford or Sewickley offices and placing them in the secure lock boxes located in the lobbies. 
DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS OCTOBER 21- don't miss your chance!

Registered participants will receive confirmation and further details and instructions about this event from Ms. Rochelle closer to the event time.

Sean explains just what it takes to make music together in a Chamber group...

We talk about passing the melody.

Following a cue for rhythm.

After we can hold our rhythm together, we started adding dynamics, then direction- it's hard!

Bob leads us in a musical phrase!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ms. Lauren-Rose and Ms. Margaret invite you to Holiday Chorus- Register right now!

Hi there! 

We are Margaret and Lauren-Rose, CYM's new voice teachers.

Beginning Thursday October 20th, we will lead Holiday Chorus rehearsals every week. Come join us on Thursday nights to sing holiday classics and celebrate the festive season! Margaret will lead in Sewickley from 7-8 and Lauren-Rose will lead in Shadyside from 6-7. 

Choose the location most convenient for you. Rehearsals will culminate in three holiday performances:
Sewickley Light Up Night on Dec 2, our Candlelight Concert on Dec 9 and Wintergarden on Dec 10. All ages and abilities welcome! Hope to see you there.

-Lauren-Rose and Margaret

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CYM Annual Ensemble Recital is Saturday, November 12

  • 10:00am Recital features CYM's violin group, guitar group, and piano duos and trios
  • 12:30pm Recital features CYM's cello group, and piano duos
Just a few reminders...

Students, please remember to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your performance time so that you may have time to tune your instrument and find your assigned seat.

From the CYM family guide:

All instrumental performers and families must be willing to stay for the entire length of the performance in order to participate. Students are to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the recital time.   If a student arrives late to a recital, we cannot guarantee his or her participation.   

Early Childhood Music families will enjoy the recitals and find them motivating. We understand that small children can become restless, but by attending even a portion of the recital, your child can learn to become comfortable with a performance setting.  If you have arrived late or should it become necessary for you to leave the recital early, please do so during the applause.

Out of respect for the performers, we wish to encourage good manners by asking that each audience member be very attentive and that children sit quietly. Performers sit together, apart from their families. It is suggested that parents keep concert programs out of the hands of children. If you have a baby or toddler with you, sit near the exit in case you need to leave and please do so in between performances (during applause). If you are running late, please wait until you hear applause to enter the auditorium.  If it becomes necessary, you may be asked to step out of the concert space temporarily by a hall monitor. 

Concert attire required for this recital:

Standard group and ensemble performance attire is black and white; black bottoms and a white top.  (Navy or dark grey is an acceptable substitute for black). Young ladies are welcome to wear a black dress.  Skirts and dresses must be worn at or below the knee, or with appropriate leg covering (e.g. tights or leggings).

Sneakers, jeans, sleeveless or tee shirts, shirts with large logos, distracting jewelry and “flip-flop” type shoes are not acceptable for concert dress.  


Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips for enjoying the upcoming concert season with Ms. Leah Givelber

We have many great concerts and events coming up over the next several weeks....  

 Mr. Christopher is hosting our first Community Concert of the year in October and the annual CYM Ensemble Recital happens in November!  

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the annual CYM Ensemble Recital on November 12 at 10:00am and 12:30 pm at the First Unitarian Church on Ellsworth Avenue.  Both Ensemble Recitals together feature almost the entire CYM student body!  

Violinists, celli and guitars perform both in a large group and in chamber music groups and the pianists and vocalists perform in duos and trios.  

Our Early Childhood Music families will be offered a chance to perform Zum Gali Gali, too!

At CYM we aim to include the most amount of performers, families and audience members that we can at our events.  To keep the concerts calm and to keep the focus on the music please practice a few basic concert etiquette tips.
  • Young children may need a quiet activity to occupy themselves during the concert.  Coloring and looking at books are fine activities for children at concerts.  If your child becomes disruptive during the concert it is fine to step outside and return when your child is ready.  The Unitarian Church has a lovely outdoor space that we are welcome to use. 
  •  If you need to leave the concert for any reason please wait until the applause at the end of the piece of for a natural break in the concert.  Our students at CYM are still learning the art of performing, and seeing audience members leaving during a performance can be quite distracting!  
  • Adults can set a good example for young children and student performers by putting phones on silent and by focusing their attention on listening to the performances.  Recitals are always a good time to enjoy music and to take stock in how your child and his or her classmates are becoming more and more musically adept and mature.

We hope to see many students and families at our concerts this fall and during the Holiday season.  Make sure to read your Take Note thoroughly, check out the calendar on our website, and keep up with the information on our chalk and bulletin boards for all of the latest performance and school news.  

-Leah Givelber, Vice President Academic Affairs and violin faculty member