Monday, April 20, 2015

CYM's Annual Solo Recital is Saturday, May 9 + the Inner-workings of our CYM Concert Schedule!

We are looking forward to our Annual all-school recital this year! Join us on Saturday, May 9th at 10:00am and 12:30am for a showcase of each of CYM's departments- Piano at 10:00am and Violin, Cello, Guitar, and Voice at 12:30pm. We also look forward to honoring this year's seniors- Sarah Pitell, Isaac McKinley, and Claire Jacob!

Curious about the why-and-how of CYM's year round Concert schedule? 

We check in with Leah Givelber, our Vice President of Academic Affairs- for a refresher.

As we at CYM look ahead to the spring and summer we see sunny, warm weather and many, many concert opportunities...

We have several Community Concerts coming up...

The HULLABALOO! Community Concert, held in Sewickley

Community Concerts feature student performers on the first half of the concert, and faculty performers on the second half.  Over the next several months students will be able to hear their peers and friends perform, and hear Mr. Jake perform on the cello and piano on May 5 at Boyd Community Center, Mr. Mark, Mr. Danny and Mr. Shawn on May 17 in Sewickley, Ms. Elisabeth on May 29 at Caring Heights in Coraopolis, Ms. Simmi on June 13 in Sewickley and Ms. Rochelle and Ms. Ashley on June 27 in Sewickley.   Community Concerts are less formal then our annual Solo Recital and are a good way to introduce young children to attending and performing at a concert.

There was an Outreach Concert at Vincentian Home Friday, April 10th at 6:30.  

CYM pianists were featured at the Music Plus Concert Series, an Outreach Concert Opportunity

 CYM’s Outreach Concert program introduces CYM’s vision for its students to a wide audience and contributes to the greater community.  These concerts are generally held in a public environment in which the audience may be casually listening.  Young performers build confidence by performing polished pieces, and develop concentration by playing in new settings with a wide range of variables.

CYM’s Annual Solo Recitals are happening on May 9 at 10 and 12:30 at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh.  

Zander Morrison at the Solo Recital 

The two Solo Recitals include instrumental performances by all CYM students who take lesson and are able to play the Twinkle Variations, or an equivalent on their instrument.  The 10:00 recital will primarily feature piano performances, and the 12:30 recital will primarily feature violin, cello, guitar and voice.  Please plan to attend one of these Solo Recitals – the chance to listen to performers in many different places in the process of learning an instrument is lovely and inspiring.

Early Childhood Music families will enjoy the recitals and find them motivating. We understand that small children can become restless, but by attending even a portion of the recital, your child can learn to become comfortable with a performance setting.  If you have arrived late or should it become necessary for you to leave the recital early, please do so during the applause.

Keep in Mind...

Out of respect for the performers, we wish to encourage good manners by asking that each audience member be very attentive and that children sit quietly. Performers sit together, apart from their families. It is suggested that parents keep concert programs out of the hands of children. If you have a baby or toddler with you, sit near the exit in case you need to leave and please do so in between performances (during applause). If you are running late, please wait until you hear applause to enter the auditorium.

A note about performance attire: Proper attire for a performer includes dress slacks, a collared shirt and dress shoes for boys, and dress slacks or skirts with blouses, dresses and dress shoes for girls. Skirts and dresses must be worn at or below the knee, or with appropriate leg covering (e.g. tights or leggings).  Sneakers, jeans, sleeveless or tee shirts, shirts with large logos, distracting jewelry and “flip-flop” type shoes are not acceptable for concert dress.

-Leah Givelber

Friday, April 17, 2015

Community Concert at Boyd Community Center with Mr. Jake- May 5th

Hurray! Our very first Community Concert to be held at Boyd Community Center. We are excited to welcome our students studying in Fox Chapel to our fun tradition of CYM community concerts. Be sure to join us on Tuesday evening, May 5th at 7:00pm with pianist Mr. Jake Nathanson. See you there!

Guitar Community Concert with Mr. Mark Marston and Mr. Danny Rectenwald Sunday, May 17

Join Mr. Mark Marston, Mr. Danny Rectenwald, and our CYM student performers for this afternoon concert on Sunday, May 17th at CYM Sewickley. Mr. Danny and Mr. Mark will perform Renaissance duets for guitar. The music starts at 4:00pm! We'll see you there.