Saturday, January 21, 2012

CYM Closed Today, January 21, 2012

Due to inclement weather, CYM is closing for today. All lessons and classes are cancelled Stay safe out there!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Suzuki Parents as Partners Registration 2012

Parents as Partners Online will return January 30

 Are you a parent in need of rejuvenation? 

Want to hear from others on how to make practice more effective? 

Need some input on how to make review fun? 

Wondering how to balance a busy schedule? 

If so, then Parents as Partners Online is for you!

The 2012 Parents as Partners project will feature more than 30 new inspirational talks, plus selected presentations from the 2011 PPO event. Aimed to provide a dose of parent education on Suzuki-related topics, all sessions can be viewed online at the Suzuki Association of the Americas website at your convenience, 24-7.

A few new talks will be posted once a week in February and March and you will be notified by email. Once posted, everything can be viewed until the end on June 30.

Here’s a glimpse into the new and informative topics for both parents and teachers:

  • Sue Baer: A Star for Victor
  • Lauren Baker: Sharing the Vision of Excellence
  • Beatrice Blanc: Practice Buddies
  • Beth Cantrell: Nurturing the Individual: Rivers, Trails and Time
  • Teri Einfeldt & Anne Lambright: Our Ambitions, Our Children—A Reality Check!
  • Sasha Garver: Preparing for Recitals and Performances
  • Carrie Reuning-Hummel: Help! I’m So Different From (and Similar To) My Child
  • James Hutchins: Guarantees for More Progress During Practice—The Sequel
  • Ellie LeRoux: A Realistic Look at Balancing Activities
  • Joanne Martin: Why Delayed Reading is Important
  • Lynn McCall: The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience
  • Sarah Montzka: Dynamic Practice: Creative Movement Games for Channeling Energy, Regaining Focus and Productive Practice
  • Fernando Pinero: Power of Music
  • Laurie Scott: Children on the Autism Spectrum: Collaborating Towards Success
  • Lucy Shaw: Are We Having Fun Yet? Part 2
  • Kimberly Meier-Sims: Suzuki Perspectives
  • Ann Montzka Smelser: Trusting Your Teacher
  • Kathleen Spring: How You Can Be Helpful and Supportive of Your Teacher
  • Ed Sprunger: Power
  • Rafael Vidiera: The Rewards from the Special Ones
...Plus presentations from many other Suzuki teachers and parents!

CYM is happy to offer Parents as Partners to CYM families for $8. More information can be found at the Suzuki website here.  

Please enroll by January 16 by sending an email to Leah at

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome, New Year

Welcome, 2012! We are glad to be back to making music with a whole new year ahead of us. A few things to start your new year off right:

1. Rev your practicing engine with this month's practice chart.   For those students who are completing their 200 day challenge, or for those who just want a warm up for the February Practice Challenge month (when medals are awarded!), print out this December Practice Chart, and hop to it!
2. Feed your brain with a fascinating article on NPR about Stradivarius violins. Can you hear the difference?

3. Invite your friends to join us here at CYM! The new year is a great time to start discovering music- be is Toddlers, Twinklers, or starting an instrument. Interested families can give us a call at 724-935-0505 or send an inquiry to