Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leah Givelber and Mark Marston at the Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute

CYM faculty members Leah Givelber and Mark Marston participating in this year's Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute! Below is more information about the Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute, as well as the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute, located in Annaheim, Maryland. 

We encourage our families in the Classical Program to attend a Suzuki Institute- they offer learning experiences within a supportive environment.

The Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute

Now in our ninth year, the Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute offers students, parents and teachers a week of immersion in music study based on the Suzuki method of music education. Our goal is to promote the joy of music and the thrill of accomplishment, to help parents and students improve their working relationships and to inspire all who attend with the strength of Dr. Suzuki’s vision. We offer instruction on violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar and flute. 

The Greater Washington Suzuki Institute

Students who study violin, viola, cello or bass by the Suzuki approach, from pre-Twinkle through advanced levels participate in the Institute as a supplement to year-round lessons. They enjoy individual and group instruction, and are motivated to be in the company of other students and families who value and actively pursue musical development.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


We've got some crafty kiddos here at CYM! We were delighted to find this sweet origami piano sitting out in CYM Sewickley, hand made by piano student Kathryn Allen. She even detailed the sheet music and drew in the pedals. Adorable!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Feeling ill?


We are in the midst of cold, flu, and infection season, and sniffles and sneezes are everywhere!  Please be kind to those around you.

If your child is ill and misses their regular school day,
PLEASE do not bring them to their music lesson.

Take that valuable time to rest and recouperate,
and come back when you are feeling better.  

Thank you and feel better soon!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Annie Comerci Graduates Suzuki Piano Book review!

Annie Comerci performs on her violin at Heinz Hall at a pre-concert Fiddlesticks event.
Congratulations to Annie Comerci as she celebrates her graduation from Suzuki Piano Book 1 this Saturday! Annie's love of music and performing the violin sparked her interest in studying the piano, and now Annie welcomes friends and family to her Piano Graduation Recital, held at 1:30 pm this coming Saturday at CYM Sewickley. Bravo, Annie!
Annie and her mother, Susan at the piano

Annie's recital repertoire included "Lightly Row" and "The Honeybee"

Lovely job, Annie!